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Akomodasi Pelajar di Spanyol

Find a program in Spain

Student Accommodation & Cost of Living in Spain

Student accommodation is generally provided by Spanish universities in student resident halls (Colegios Mayores) or student apartments. Rent and accommodation costs vary depending on the location you choose, amenities offered and other factors. In general, Madrid and Barcelona are more expensive than other cities. There are many accommodation options available so we highly recommend starting your research as early as possible and considering all options before making a final decision.

Types of Student Accommodation in Spain

  • Host families welcome students to live with them throughout Spain, providing a highly rewarding and immersive experience for your education in Spain.
  • Studio apartments are a more independent housing option but tend to be a little more costly than other forms of housing. A studio apartment is a one-room unit that generally includes a living space, bedroom area, kitchenette, on-site laundry facilities, cable TV and telephone, and are typically available to rent for between 30 days and 1 year.
  • Finding a roommate is also a great and cost effective accommodation option for those students wanting a sociable living arrangement.
  • Apartments, flats and townhouses are also available as a means of student housing. It is however difficult to obtain these and is more expensive. It is best to contact an agent if you prefer to choose this.

Useful student housing & accommodation websites

HousingAnywhere is partnered with 170+ universities across 65 countries to help their students find accommodation abroad. In addition, they incentivize students to sublet their rooms and apartments to incoming students whilst they are away. Find affordable accommodation in BarcelonaMadrid and Valencia.

Uniplaces is a housing portal that offers a fresh approach to booking student accommodation online. It’s fast to book, safe to pay, and lets you browse through thousands of trusted properties in Europe’s best student cities, including BarcelonaMadrid and Valencia. logo offers over 1 million beds in Spain and other countries around the world. Their website is free to use and offers a dedicated team of expert accommodation consultants and price match comparisons. They also have formal contractual relationships with every landlord on their site for an added layer of security for you!

Facebook Groups

The many Facebook groups dedicated to student accommodation in Spain are also great resources for people looking to find accommodation at competitive prices. Just be careful of scammers and never make any payments without seeing the place first!

Other Living Costs

Along with student accommodation, living costs in Spain are pretty affordable compared to other European countries.

  • An average meal dining out can cost between €6-20.
  • Student essentials like entertainment, clothing and food are relatively inexpensive, however, electronics could be more expensive than other parts of Europe.
  • Transportation is affordable and easy to use. People commonly use trains, buses or cycling as a means to get about.
  • Healthcare is sponsored by the government so is affordable and of the best in the world. An average visit to the doctor can cost around €50 without insurance.

Find a program in Spain

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