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Universitas UNICAM Camerino

Perluas wawasan Anda!

Ketiga di Italia, kedua puluh tujuh di Eropa: UNICAM diperingkat oleh siswa!
Ini adalah posisi yang ditempati oleh Universitas Camerino dalam Peringkat Universitas Dunia StuDocu, sebuah peringkat universitas terbaik di dunia menurut pengalaman mahasiswa.

Untuk tahun 2019, dalam pemeringkatan internasional U-MULTIRANK, UNICAM ditempatkan di antara 25 universitas terbaik di dunia dalam bidang orientasi internasional, dipilih dari 1700 universitas (49 diantaranya adalah Italia) dari 96 negara. bidang minat terbesar bagi siswa seperti pengajaran dan pembelajaran, transfer pengetahuan, orientasi dan penelitian.

University of Camerino 7 abad setelah berdirinya tetap berjiwa muda, menawarkan inovasi dan kualitas dalam lingkungan pendidikan tinggi dan terus memberikan kontribusi besar pada kehidupan ekonomi, sosial dan budaya kota dan wilayahnya.
Dari 8.000 siswa yang terdaftar, persentase siswa internasional telah mencapai 10%, lebih dari tiga kali lipat rata-rata nasional. Untuk menyumbangkan keberhasilan kebijakan Internasionalisasi yang ditempuh oleh universitas ini. UNICAM menawarkan gelar Sarjana dan Magister, PhD dan kursus spesialisasi Pasca-doktoral dalam bahasa Inggris

Universitas ini memiliki 4 kampus (Camerino, Ascoli Piceno, Matelica, San Benedetto del Tronto), 5 Sekolah akademik dalam Arsitektur dan Desain, Biosains dan Kedokteran Hewan, Hukum, Farmasi, Sains dan Teknologi, serta Sekolah Studi Lanjut, Sekolah Spesialisasi dan program pasca sarjana.

UNICAM adalah universitas pertama di Italia yang memperkenalkan prosedur kendali mutu untuk semua kegiatan dan layanan kelembagaannya.
Sertifikat sistem manajemen mutu UNICAM ISO 9001: 2008 (dari AFAQ-Prancis, pemimpin Prancis dan salah satu badan sertifikasi pertama di tingkat global) menjamin siswa kualitas layanan yang diberikan, termasuk layanan dukungan untuk siswa: orientasi dan bimbingan, pendampingan , Mobilitas internasional, Magang.

Mahasiswa mendapat manfaat dari metode pengajaran yang baik, rasio profesor / mahasiswa yang sangat baik, dan infrastruktur modern. Pusat Olahraga yang sangat lengkap tersedia untuk semua siswa yang tertarik pada olahraga dari sepak bola hingga panjat tebing, dari squash hingga bola voli.

Mahasiswa mendapatkan keuntungan dari banyak fasilitas seperti diskon biaya sekolah, hibah, kartu bus gratis, diskon toko! Beasiswa yang diberikan oleh ERDIS, Badan Regional untuk Hak Pendidikan Tinggi, menawarkan fasilitas seperti pembebasan biaya kuliah universitas, akomodasi dan makan gratis di Student Residences dan kantin. Berbagai kebutuhan siswa dari berbagai negara asing dipertimbangkan akun dalam persiapan menu.

Untuk informasi lebih lanjut tentang Universitas Camerino, silakan isi permohonan informasi di bawah ini dan institusi pendiidkan yang berkaitan akan menghubungi Anda dengan informasi lebih lanjut.

Program pendidikan - Universitas Camerino

Beasiswa & pendanaan

The University, in collaboration with ERDIS, the Regional Body in charge of Student Services award scholarships on the basis of merit and certified family economic situation.

The scholarship offers a university tuition fee waiver, food, and lodging free of charge in the Student residences and canteens from October to July, plus some possible additional assistance in cash.

The call for applications is announced every year in July on the website of ERDIS.



Permintaan informasi - kewajiban gratis

Ingin tahu lebih banyak tentang Universitas Camerino? Mengisi formulir dan mencakup setiap pertanyaan yang Anda miliki. Informasi ini akan dikirim langsung ke sekolah, dan perwakilan akan merespon pertanyaan Anda.

Mengapa belajar di Universitas Camerino

A University located in the green heart of Italy that places great importance on environmental sustainability.

Study courses to stimulate your curiosity and your need to understand the world around us and the natural laws that regulate it.

You can choose courses where environment meets technology, where science, art and architecture intersect.

UNICAM has a long, respected tradition for quality teaching and scientific research. Research Projects and Technological Transfer are top priority. Choosing the University of Camerino for study and research means you are choosing a first-class institution of higher education that is structured on a human scale in a safe and friendly place with a great international atmosphere: fully 10% of the students are International Students from 50 countries. There is a great sense of respect for different ideas, different backgrounds and different cultures, a positive, productive and creative environment where your personal objectives can be reached, thanks to the small classes, excellent facilities and services, and excellent professor/student ratio.

Universitas Camerino termasuk dalam 10 Negara Teratas untuk Belajar di Luar Negeri Top 10 Europe rankings 2021 badge

Penghargaan & Akreditasi

HR Excellence
in Research

ISO 9000


Top 25 Performer


First University in Italy for Student Services

CENSIS (2020)

Layanan & fasilitas siswa

  • Free local bus card
  • All enrolled students can require the sport card to enter the University Sport Facilities for free
  • International Students requiring a residence permit are supported by the Welcome Office to fulfill the bureaucratic procedures
  • Free University Libraries service
  • Career cousellor and Psychological Support


Beyond the main campus of Camerino, UNICAM has three further campuses located in

ASCOLI PICENO (School of Architecture and Design)

Ascoli Piceno is the major town of southern Marche founded by the Italic population of Piceni. Though a sizeable town, its historic centre can easily be covered on foot. If you are wandering round the old quarter that stretches from the banks of the Tronto river to the city main street be sure to walk along the medieval streets where in the past, according to traditional accounts, more than two hundred towers were located. Today some fifty can still be seen.The central historical part of the city is built in a marble called Travertino extracted from the surrounding mountains.

MATELICA (School of Biosciences and Veterinary Medicine)

The life of Matelica, ancient Roman town as confirmed by many archeological discoveries, revolves around the central square with its elegant seventeenth century fountain. Around it you’ll find the town’s chief attractions: the Loggia of the Ottoni family, built by the town’s ruling family in 1511 and the 13th century Palazzo Pretorio. A visit to the Civic Museum, the Piersanti Museum, the Theatre Piermarini (built at the end of the 19th century in the traditional horseshoe shape) and the City Library is strongly recommended.

SAN BENEDETTO DEL TRONTO (Bachelor Degree course in Biologia della Nutrizione)

San Benedetto del Tronto is one of the main holiday resorts of southern Marche. With over 7,000 palm trees on its wide promenade, it has a touch of tropical charm. It is also a thriving town that doubles as one of the most important fishing ports on Italy Adriatic coast. In summer San Benedetto del Tronto is a popular resort with a lively nightlife.The castle and narrow streets of brick houses can be seen in the old part of the town.

Gaya hidup siswa

There are many students' associations that organize social events as meetings, concerts, sport competitions, short trips and visits also with the support of the University.

The University of Camerino lives the town as the town lives the University with events organized and focused on the students' needs and interest.

The town of Camerino is located on a hill 661 m. above sea level. Thanks to its position, the town enjoys a healthy climate with brisk winters and warm dry summers. Of pre-Roman origins, the town has played an important political and ecclesiastical role throughout the centuries attaining a notable level of economic and civil development. All University buildings are located outside the old city wall.


Accommodations in Halls of Residences for over 900 places with different typologies: Single and double rooms with private facilities in small apartments.

Access to the residences is allowed only through participation in the ERDIS call.

Private accommodations are available through direct contact with the landlords.

Please visit the university website for more information about Accommodation.

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In this university professor's treated students like a friends

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Universitas Camerino

Via Gentile III da Varano
62032 Camerino

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