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ulasan mahasiswa untuk University of Almeria

Penilaian rata-rata 4,8

Berdasarkan 8 ulasan

Shauny Jonckers
The professors are very professional and passionate about their subjects. The classes are always interesting. As an Erasmus student, I felt very welcome at UAL and I really feel like I learned new things.
I really loved spending a semester abroad at UAL. It was awesome to live right by the beach, the people were great and the Erasmus Network is super active. Uni is quite challenging but totally doable if you stay on track. I really liked the teaching methodologies, we did many group works and case studies. I would totally recommending spending a ...
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Gabriela Penková
Teachers on this university were helpful and outgoing, respecting that we are foreiners. They also offered to us some tutorials so I had never have a problem with misunderstood or with the theme I was studying. I consider this university good.
Ahlam Said
I enjoyed each and every moment I spent at the university, whether it was during classes, breaks or even the events the university hosted.
Imane Aoulad Bem Ali
Being an Erasmus student in the university of Almerìa was such a pleasure for me. It helped me to get to know people frim different countries and cultures as well as learning Spanish. However, it was hard for me to adapt with a new educational system . Still, if I have the chance to be an Erasmus student again, I will surely go for it.
Rasin Campinar
Me and all my friends love Almería and the UAL. The size of the City is perfect, it's cheap, it's sunny, beach is nice, the campus is awesome and located at the sea. Just go there!
University of Almeria is one of the better universities. The courses I took were mostly connected to management and through different assignments I learned a lot.
Daniel Kupec
Very good approach of professors, interesting lectures.

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