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ulasan mahasiswa untuk Tio - University of Applied Sciences for Hospitality, Business and Tourism

Penilaian rata-rata 4,5

Berdasarkan 14 ulasan

“I felt at home at Tio and loved its small scale. I also enjoyed the fact that our lecturers had practical experience. That was very educational. I can put everything I learned into practice now at Tio taught me to understand tourism and how the travel industry works.”
“The Tio’s spirit helped me to get where I am today. This spirit prepares you really well for the transition to the professional world. You know from day one that you will get a job after you graduate. The dynamic environment, with its guest lectures and lecturers with practical experience, definitely contributes to that. Because the lecturers s...
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“I love exploring the world and now I can, thanks to Tio. The international aspect of the bachelor International Tourism Management was the most important reason for me to choose this programme. On top of that, the small scale and the personal aspect of Tio spoke to me. I want to turn travelling into my job, and thanks to Tio, that dream is beco...
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“It is great that I can now put much of what I learned at Tio into practice: how to conduct research, my marketing and social skills, etcetera. At Tio, you master the art of presenting because of the small classes. Tio boosts your self-confidence.”
“Tio gave me a great deal of freedom so that I could focus many projects on my own company, Umata Village. I was able to showcase my business from all angles.”
“The realistic and competitive projects I worked on during the study prepared me well for the real world of business. International Business Management has reinforced my ambitions. Because of the versatility of this programme, I learned what I really like and what I am good at. I have developed an international perspective.”
“I was well prepared for my future career through of my study programme.”
“Tio gives you the opportunity to do international internships. You should definitely seize that chance, because it is found nowhere else. This is my second of three international internships and I have absolutely no regrets about my choice. In order to grow in the business world, you have to leave your comfort zone. I am very glad that Tio gave...
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“International Business Management is a very comprehensive programme that gives you a lot of options.”
“I chose Tio for its personal touch. I largely make decisions based on my gut feeling and that worked out great. The best thing about Tio is the freedom you get to do what you want.For example, I got to set up my own sandwich shop at the location in Eindhoven.”
“I recommend Tio to others because you receive personal attention, you are prepared for the employment market with internships and there is extensive focus on your CV, the application process and planning.”
“At Tio I learned to plan better and work in a structured manner. I also learned a lot about management at Tio. Taking care of everything, making sure things go well and automatically taking on tasks when part of a group. Last but not least: when you attend a school where everyone has strong communication skills, yours will improve automatically...
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“I still use the knowledge I acquired during my degree in my career today. Especially things like organisational skills and creating structure. During the degree, we had to set up our own businesses and we were responsible for organising events. This teaches you skills that benefit you throughout your entire career. That is why I would recommend...
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“I still benefit every day from my bachelor Hotel and Event Management. Courses like e-commerce, marketing, revenue management and English are very useful. The mix of hotel and event courses gave me a lot of valuable insights. I also took advantage of the opportunity to do my internships abroad.”

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