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MFA Video Game Music and Audio

ThinkSpace Education
Ringkasan Program
24-48 months
Purna waktu / paruh waktu
Gelar Master
Scholarships available
Tanggal mulai
13.750 GBP
Januari 2022

13.750 GBP
September 2022

13.750 GBP
Januari 2023

13.750 GBP
September 2023

Deskripsi MFA Video Game Music and Audio

MFA Video Game Music and Audio

Video games are rapidly evolving, both technically and creatively, and this is creating enormous opportunities for game audio professionals. There are a lot of trained composers, but few are trained to deal with both the compositional and audio roles involved in video game projects. Often these two skills are greatly reliant on each other, and as a graduate of this program you will be more than equipped to tackle nearly every challenge involved in game music and audio. Our master’s degree in Video Game Music and Audio has been developed in close consultation with the industry to ensure you are learning the skills the industry requires.

During this comprehensive Master of Fine Arts degree course, you will cover the skills taught in both our Composing for Video Games and Sound Design for Video Games degree courses.

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Persyaratan penerimaan

Applicants should have an undergraduate degree in any subject. There is no entry by Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for our MFA courses. If you do not have an undergraduate degree, you might be eligible to join one of our MA programmes instead.

We expect you to have a good, solid knowledge of one computer based DAW like Logic, Cubase, Pro Tools, Ableton or Reaper. You should be able to complete tasks quickly and to a deadline within these software and be comfortable doing new tasks inside them. Your demos should be of good quality and we are happy to listen to your work and give you an opinion on this before you apply. A high-level audio production standard is what we are looking for. You don’t need to be creating sound effects already, but should have demonstrable experiences with audio, whether through music, radio/podcasting, live audio or other audio production activities.

You should be comfortable learning new software and troubleshooting problems. Becoming a sound designer and composer is as much being a developer as it is about creating assets.

A high level of music theory is a big advantage but we appreciate there are many different ways to create a great score and you will be judged principally on the potential shown in your portfolio.

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Konten program

Your course falls into twelve modules plus a final major project which lasts three months. Each module focuses on a different area of video game music and audio, while at the same time developing specific compositional, technical and business skills.

Students will complete these core modules

  • Game Audio Technology
  • Foundations of Game Music and Audio
  • Research and Critical Reflection
  • Elective 1
  • Sound and The Moving Image
  • Adaptive Music 1
  • Interactive Audio
  • Adaptive Music 2
  • Interactive Audio
  • Advanced Game Music 1
  • Advanced Game Audio 1
  • Elective 2
  • Final Major Project
  • Dissertation

For each of the Elective modules, students will choose one of:

  • Advanced Sibelius
  • Music Editing
  • Pro Tools
  • Sampling Technology
  • Musical Sound design
  • Work and Money
  • Audio Post Production
  • Career Development for Sound Designers
  • Composing: Telling Stories

Beasiswa & pendanaan

Please check the institute website for more information.

Pengiriman program


We offer 3 different schedules, and students are able to pick which suits them best.

  • Full Time - 24 Months (30 hours/week)
  • Part Time - 36 Months (15 hours/week)
  • Part Time - 48 Months (8 hours/week)

These are estimates of the time a student will spend on each schedule. It will vary from student to student, depending on your rate of work. This includes live workshops, one-to-one tutorials, reading and watching the course materials, and time spent on assignment projects.

Biaya pendidikan

Tuition fee: £13750

PLEASE NOTE: All currencies are quoted in GBP, but we invoice all of our students through the payment provider 'Flywire'. This allows you to pay your course fee in your home currency.

You will pay whatever the exchange rate is between your currency and the GBP fee.


Course Details

Through linear music, to fully interactive sound design and scores, this course covers every aspect of the video game audio world. This course will prepare you if you want to build a career anywhere in the game audio industry, giving you the creative and technical skills you need to thrive.

On this course, you will learn:

  • To create game sound and music both from your own recordings and sourced from commercial libraries.
  • How to use FMOD to implement your music and sound design interactively in fully functional Unity games, many specially licenced for the course, including commercial releases.
  • Composition genres for a wide variety of different games from mobile puzzle games through to action and racing.
  • The business skills needed to help you produce a winning portfolio that will help you into a new career.
  • How to use inexpensive and readily available field recording equipment to produce atmos, spot-effects and Foley.
  • Different ways of creating an interactive strategy to allow the score to respond seamlessly to the game play.

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ThinkSpace Education

ThinkSpace Education

ThinkSpace Education is an online provider of postgraduate degree courses for those looking to develop careers in the music and creative industries. With a 95% graduation rate, we know how to deliver innovative and engaging online education with exceptional professional...

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Mengapa belajar di ThinkSpace Education

Studying at ThinkSpace Education gives you the flexibility to pursue career goals and keep up with family life whilst gaining a postgraduate degree. As many of you may be looking to develop freelance careers alongside, or after, your studies anyway, this is great practice for working in your own space and being responsible for your own deadlines.

The tutors we have at ThinkSpace Education are truly some of the best from around the world. We are not limited to the expertise of those around a local campus, so we have recruited some of the best musicians, sound designers, orchestrators, and industry pros from all over the UK, USA, and Europe. Our tutors truly come from all areas of the music industry and no matter what you want to focus on there is likely a tutor who can help you achieve that goal.

We don't leave you totally to your own devices, and we do regularly interact with and check-up on our students as part of their studies, but the skills needed to study online are very similar to those you need to develop your own careers in the music industry.

Informasi kontak untuk ThinkSpace Education

ThinkSpace Education

ThinkSpace Education 119 Third Avenue
PO207LB Chichester West Sussex
United Kingdom

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