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ulasan mahasiswa untuk Duke Kunshan University

Penilaian rata-rata 4,9

Berdasarkan 34 ulasan

iMEP has provided me with many great opportunities: the opportunity to participate in many academic panel discussions, field trips to nature reserves, opportunities to participate in various research or volunteer projects with professors, opportunities to talk with experts face to face … … Life at iMEP is colorful, everyone can explore their own...
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At iMEP, professors are not only teachers, they are also our friends who can share life story with. In addition to academic problems, I would always like to talk with professors about whatever happy or tough things in my life.
iMEP is absolutely a warm big family. The faculty here at iMEP are very tolerant, friendly, willing to listen, and responsible in teaching. They often guide us patiently and there are always detailed comments on our homework. The iMEP staff also cared about students a lot that they prepared each of us a nice health kit during the pandemic.
Xuanzhe Zhu
The courses here are all high-quality Duke courses and help us be well-prepared for the future career. And the program also provides career services both in China and in the US, such as field trips, internship opportunities, and career development guidance.
Yiheng Chen
During my study at Duke Kunshan University, I learned a lot of professional knowledge within a short time that builds a solid foundation for my future study. Also many supports are provided for job seeking, like info session and resume revision.
Yu Wan
The ECE program at Duke Kunshan University is an excellent platform for me. Though the workload exceeds what I expected a little, this program not only offers instructive courses but also encourages students to gain in-depth expertise in the industry. I really appreciate the professors and academic staff here, who always helps me as a novice t...
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The Duke degree is promising. But, the actual experience here as an international student isn't so much. International students hang out with internationals and Chinese with Chinese, so there's no real cultural mix here. Also, the school advertising claimed that we'd spend around 2 years in Kunshan and 2 years in NC, then this got shortened ...
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I indeed enjoyed this program. I've explored a lot of new perspectives from the training and resources provided by iMEP. Though a few courses and content can be improved, overall I was satisfied with this program.
The iMEP program is full of opportunity when it comes to class options, research choices, internship positions, and faculty support. There are experts in environmental governance, economics, conservation, and more. I love how this program caters to the students' needs and includes resources for interests of every kind in the environmental policy...
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The iMEP program is intensive and helpful in both academic and professional growth. The professors are responsive and responsible to students.
I enjoyed the courses and the supportive relationship among fellow students. But I feel we should have more hard-core courses (which may be more demanding). For now, the courses focus a lot on communication skills, which is of course very good. But adding more courses on sciences or pratical skills can also be beneficial.
The MMS:DKU Program has been a life changing experience and a decision I am very proud of! I have made friends of a lifetime and developed core business skills that are directly useful to the workplace.
I loved the experience of learning from world class Fuqua faculty across Durham and Kunshan. Our professors are all extremely experienced and well known in their respective fields.
Mere words cannot possibly describe the MMS: DKU program. Only through your personal undertaking do you begin to fathom such an extraordinary curriculum. It is a fleeting yet ever-lasting experience that will challenge you every step of the way and in every aspect of your life.
The small class sizes and personalized attention at DKU have enabled me to learn key business concepts while engaging with classmates in a team-based setting. Equally important, I’m strengthening my network through meaningful connections with fellow students from all over the world.
As a member of the founding class of the Global Learning Semester and a graduate of the MMS: Duke Kunshan program at Fuqua, I have been immersed in a truly multidisciplinary experience. From engaging in cross-cultural academic projects to building valuable relationships with faculty, my time at Duke Kunshan has been truly transformational.
I think Duke Kunshan Medical Physics program is a brilliant combination of eastern and western medical physics education systems. The guidance from faculty at both Duke Kunshan and Duke enhanced our confidence, improved our professional skills and cultivated our leadership. The wonderful learning experience at Duke Kunshan Medical Physics will b...
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MMS: DKU program provides us with great business education and professional trainings, team spirit is a very important part of the culture. I really love our program, it taught me how to be a good team player. I only wish the program could be longer!
The Duke Kunshan Medical Physics graduate program equipped me with solid foundation of theory and necessary clinical experience, and prepared me to start a career in Medical Physics field. I was lucky to meet so many great minds in Duke Kunshan and Duke
MMS: DKU is absolutely a fantastic platform for all the students who are excited to have two distinct experiences in the two biggest economies of the world.
After graduating from law school with a specialization in International Trade Law, I was highly interested to pursue a business degree to ground my legal education and leverage the combination of the two so that I can thrive in the international trade realm. In the MMS:DKU program I have learned the foundations needed to succeed in the business ...
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I am from Taiwan. The MMS: Duke Kunshan program connects the two largest economies together - the US and China. Both Durham and Kunshan are charming cities with rich cultures. Exploring the two cities enriched my experiences and prepared me to find a satisfying job in mainland China. Thank you MMS: DKU!
I expect to be a medical physicist in Hospital, I appreciate DKU's support and great connection in Asia
The MMS: DKU program has prepared me for a career in international business, allowing me to experience first-hand both the American and Chinese business cultures.
To me, the Career Management Center (CMC) is one of the most valuable parts of the MMS: DKU program. It not only provided me with a lot of industry insights and conventions that are not usually taught in class, but also smoothed my transition from student to professional through one-on-one coaching and mock interviews. As a result, I felt much m...
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