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I took part in the Vogue Teen Festival in July and the experience I had was unparalleled, it gave me such an insight into the many parts of media within fashion. The staff and the facilities there were exceptional and getting to hear from so many people in the industry as well as taking part in the workshops they offered was so helpful and has g...

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I had a great time at the Vogue Teen Weekend where I met interesting and inspirational people from the industry, who gave me invaluable advice and connections. I also met other young and likeminded people over the two days, whom I hope to meet again and work with in the future. Overall, I am pleased I attended the weekend as it taught me lots of...

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I loved all of the lecturers and visits that were planned for us, especially lecturer Timothy Rennie and the Tiffany exhibition. I am so thankful to the college for this amazing opportunity, and I can't thank everyone enough! It was a truly unforgettable and invaluable experience.


I am so lucky to have been able to be taught by professionals and experts in various fields within the fashion industry, from the editorial side to the production side to the creative side and more. I feel like I got to dip my toes into every part of the fashion world imaginable, and because of that I have a better understanding of which path I ...

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After completing my One Week Fashion Business course at Condé Nast College I was left extremely inspired and ready to begin my journey in the fashion industry. In this short course I gained invaluable tips and tricks from the best in the industry. From getting to visit the Vogue House to listening to inspiring guest speakers, I loved every momen...

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The Fashion Styling course gives you an insight into a week in the life of a fashion stylist. Throughout the week I felt so inspired and motivated as it is full of tasks as well as guest speakers. You will not only be learning about the hard workings of a stylist but also you will be learning from fellow students which by the end of the week bec...

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As I was in the process of launching our company and brand, I was looking for a practical and hands-on online course, from a reputable institute, that would give me an introduction to the fashion industry, and support me through the company ideation journey. I certainly found it in this course, by combining live talks from industry experts and ...

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I met some amazing people and I had such a fantastic week. The course was so well put together and organised brilliantly. The best part for me was having the opportunity to meet the amazing industry professionals who gave me so much advice and encouragement, and visiting Vogue House of course! Thank you Conde Nast College!


In the month of July 2022, I had the privilege to study the Vogue Intensive Summer Course at Conde Nast College of Fashion and Design in London. The four-week course covered all core aspects of Fashion Media along with the learnings about the history and functioning of the fashion bible; Vogue. From fashion journalism to economics to PR, we were...

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I joined this course without a background in fashion or fine arts. It taught me everything there is to being a stylist. The practical task-oriented approach brought out the creativity in me and I was proud of the kind of work I was able to produce. This course prepped me with enough tools to pursue a career in styling if I chose to, while having...

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This course has been a wonderful, extremely enriching and stimulating experience. I come from a totally different background so I started it with no idea of fashion other than what I‘ve learn from magazines or TV, and now I can say that I understand much better how the industry works. I loved every lesson, every Industry speaker session, and I ...

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Prior to joining Condé Nast's online course, I was in the process of setting up a Streetwear Clothing Brand called 'Aliøn' ( I had developed the initial ideas for my business, its products, and the values I wanted it to exude as a result of a business degree I had taken previously. Yet, I wanted to level-up the fundament...

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At Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design, I studied in the Vogue Intensive Summer Course and the MA Fashion Media Practice – Fashion Journalism Programme which is now titled MA Fashion Journalism & Editorial Direction. During my time at the college, I developed skills in the following areas: writing, editing, styling, producing, marketing and e...

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At first I wasn’t too sure on what I was wanting to study, so I arranged myself to attend an open day with CNC. I knew that I wanted to change my career direction into fashion media and initially was interested to study how magazines worked in today’s world. Till this day I remember very clearly how the professor answered, “Oh don’t you worry, w...

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Last year I started to look at ways to expand my knowledge about the fashion world and how that can be translated into a successful business. That is when I found the six week Business & Entrepreneurship online course at Condé Nast College. This course was perfect for me as it allowed me to continue working my full time job but also explore my p...

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It was the height of the covid-1a9 pandemic, and despite uncertainties, I took a step towards my ambitions and passions by applying to Condé Nast College. I had no question in my mind that the MA Luxury Brand Strategy & Business was the perfect fit for my hobbies, interests, and professional ambitions after exhaustive research. My studies res...

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The degree is very intense and you can’t let your concentration slip for a minute but it’s so worth it. The industry speakers the College attracts are of such a high calibre that it’s easy to stay focused because they’re so fascinating. We heard from really big names and had the chance to ask them questions and get their insight. They really wan...

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I knew from a very early age that Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design was somewhere I wanted to be. I feel like the College has made me who I am in terms of knowledge and employability. The lecturers are all genuine experts with amazing experience and skill and you can learn so much from them. What’s more, they’re so well connected that if yo...

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In six weeks I learned how to interpret images and now I am reading magazines with different eyes. I have also started to take inspiration literally from everything around me. I learned how to source ideas and how important it is to feed our creativity to keep it alive. I highly recommend taking course.


I wholeheartedly believe that my experience at the Vogue Summer Intensive Course made me a more confident, passionate, and well-rounded businesswoman, able to serve my clients in multiple areas that I otherwise couldn’t have. After expanding my skill-set in styling, producing, and creative directing at the college, I have gone on to utilize this...

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Always having an interest in fashion, it wasn’t until the Condé Nast Vogue Summer Intensive Program that I knew, and thought that I had the capability, to make the fashion industry my career path. Learning even more than I deemed imaginable prior to the program, I started each day eager, and looking forward to, the opportunity of what was to com...

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The BA (Hons) Fashion Communication course has allowed me to gain a new and transferable skill set in various sectors within the fashion industry. This has opened my eyes to career possibilities that I had not even considered before enrolling at Condé Nast College.


I have always been in love with everything creative, even when I was just a little girl, I knew I wanted to be a designer. However, I was raised in a traditional home, surrounded by a functional, highly-productive, and ultra-focused environment. As a result, I ended up being an architect, which was the only design-related field of study consider...

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Choosing to study the Vogue Foundation programme at Condé Nast was a spontaneous decision which at the end turned out to be the golden ticket into the world of fashion. Due to this course combining so many elements from practical to theoretical, I have managed to broaden my depth of understanding of fashion, art, history and culture. But the gre...

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During the Vogue Foundation course, I have discovered a wide range of possibilities through which to translate my artistic inspiration. into projects and creations. This course has guided me through my aspirations and has given the clarity to pursue my career in a professional and informed way. The outcome of my first professional endeavours as ...

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