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ulasan mahasiswa untuk Breda University of Applied Sciences

Penilaian rata-rata 4,7

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Breda University of Applied Sciences offers the opportunity of specializing multilple times during the study, which definitely was a big plus for me. This way I got to shape my study after my interests. Another thing I loved about my experience at Breda University of Applied Sciences is the people. I cannot describe how much 'at home' I felt at ...
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Omar M.
Being a person that loves art and innovation, this study turned out to be perfect for me. It starts with all the essentials, like photoshop, illustrator, Premier pro, then it develops to finance and marketing, management, all of this was inspiring, I'm in my second year and I already feel like I can run a company.
I would recommend this program to anyone interested in learning the media world in general, such as games, movies, storytelling, and social media, etc; however if you are specifically looking for a particular field. I will suggest talking to the program coordinator or more students to find out if this is a program for you. Things I would lik...
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I think the program is very nice as it focus on research, operarionalizing and applying this in an academic way, and has a very nice atmosphere within the Leisure Sciences Community!
Events becoming rocket science is what the industry is calling it. With more and more players in the industry and an everchanging industry, it is important to have well educated event professionals who are capable of approaching challenges head on. This is exactly what this master has taught me, each module shows a different aspect of an event a...
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I am currently in my 4th year so I will be graduating soon and I could not be more proud of what I have learned at BUas. I learned a lot about communication and collaboration with people from different cultures and backgrounds because almost half of my class were international students. I did my internship during my 3rd year, during my 4th year ...
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This programme is great as it allows students to learn about both theory and practice. Through my four years studying LEM at BUas, I got to learn with many professionals (teachers, guests, etc.) from the leisure and event industry. Applying what I learned in class to projects and internships was truly significant. Overall, the programme makes i...
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Santiago V.
The program ADS&AI is a unique program in this region of the Netherlands, and one of its kind for Applied Science universities. The program starts setting the basis of data science and artificial intelligence concepts and involves students in projects since day one and almost on a daily basis as the program progresses. The content of the first y...
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Small-scale education, which makes studying very pleasant. All teachers have worked in practice, so that there is enough link with practice in the lessons!
From the first moment on, I really felt welcome at the Breda University of applied sciences. Everyone is kind to one another, the teachers have a really open attitude and are really there to help te students. This in contrast to much other schools. In addition to this, 'our' school is well known within the (travel)industry. Big -and also sm...
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I would highly recommend this study course. You learn a lot about (recent) developments in The Netherlands and abroad. There is a good atmosphere at the campus and it's really nice to work there. The teachers are really helpfull and have lots of knowledge about the field. You have the opportunity to go on internships which really contributes to ...
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The best thing about studying at BUas for me is it's amazing student community. In the games study everybody has an instant common interest to talk about and bond over. Because of the Clubs@BUas initiative, even if you don't know a lot of people at your study yet, you can sign up for events where you can meet me people who like the same things y...
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Joël Pardaan
Before I started with my Tourism management course, I did another study that I unfortunately had to discontinue. The reason why I decided to discontinue my previous course is because I felt like I was not able to move into another direct after my study if I wished to do so. At this education this is different. Almost every year I was able to cho...
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I am currently a 4th year International Tourism Management student at the Breda University of Applied Sciences (BUas). What I really like the most about this study is that it is focussing on different themes and perspectives of the tourism industry. In addition to that, I also really like the fact that stakeholders of the tourism industry are in...
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The Bachelor of Science in Tourism at Breda University of Applied Sciences and Wageningen University & Research is a very broad program. It includes something interesting for almost everybody. If you are not 100% sure what you want to study, and you have an interest in tourism and travelling and the social sciences combined with science (like ge...
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The study International Leisure & Event Management gives you the opportunity to meet the industry; most of the assignments you working on, are for real clients. This study stimulates you to be creative, think out-of-the-box, and improve your organizational skills to create the most valuable experiences for your target group. The study gives you ...
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Yanniek Heijkoop
My four years at BUAS have been the best time. I came to this study looking for a good combination of creativity and business and that is exactly what I found. starting the study it was the warmest welcome and I immediately felt at home. Over the four years, I experienced a lot of personal growth guided by the study program. I soon realized that...
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Sebastiaan Waegemaekers
Breda University of Applied Sciences is a professional and modern university, offering a wide variety of bachelor and master degree's. The Faculty of Hotel & Facility Management has its own part of the building, which makes interaction with fellow students easy and with lecturers approachable. The way they set up their academic program is effici...
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Good quality of education with a lot of guest lectures and opportunities to use/see the theory in real life. There are more than enough facilities at the university. Furthermore, the building is really beautiful and is giving a warm feeling. The staff gives you a warm feeling and know you by name. Also, The study gives a good combination of theo...
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Quinti de Graaf
I’m a second-year Creative Business student at BUas. I’m really happy with my choice for this program. I always wanted to do a creative study but missed a business part at art academies. For me, I feel like I get to be creative but also learn a lot about management, finance, and marketing. Together with this I also think there is a good ratio ...
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Sanne Kuipers
What I particularly like about BUAS is the small-scale nature of the school and the personal education. Because many teachers are themselves working in the professional field, they have a lot of experience and they also know what they are talking about. Furthermore, there are broad internship opportunities within the program.The new campus is fu...
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I love the study currently I am in my third year. The study is the perfect combination between the management tasks such as people management & financials but also the creative elements of the study such as production house and the television show assignment. You can customise the study by selecting a media area of your choice such as TV or Radi...
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Manon de Kort
Toen ik begon aan mijn eerste jaar bij de BUAS was ik best wel bang dat het misschien te hoog gegrepen zou zijn, doordat ik doorstroomde vanuit een mbo opleiding. Gelukkig begon het meteen goed, want de introductie week was super leuk en een goede manier om klasgenoten beter te leren kennen. De docenten zijn erg betrokken en je kunt altijd bij z...
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Ariënne van Ee
The guidance provided by the teaching staff within the games programme is exceptional. The teachers have worked in the games industry themselves, which allows them to have a deeper insight into how things work in practice, rather than theoretical. Therefore they are able to help you in depth with very specific things. The games programme is ...
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BUas is een hogeschool waar het altijd gezellig is. Het is klein schalig met veel aandacht. Iedere opleiding heeft zijn eigen kracht en kunde. Het is een dikke aanrader voor iedereen om op zijn minst een keer te komen kijken en de sfeer te proeven.


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