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Pelajari Artikel & Nasihat di Luar Negeri

Perlu bantuan mempersiapkan studi di luar negeri? Lihat halaman artikel kami untuk tips dan saran tentang belajar di luar negeri, termasuk bagaimana memilih negara, universitas, dan program yang tepat. Bagian 'Cerita Siswa' kami juga diisi dengan studi wawasan luar negeri dari siswa internasional dari seluruh dunia yang telah belajar di luar negeri sendiri dan ingin berbagi cerita mereka.

Jadi tunggu apa lagi? Artikel belajar kami di luar negeri dapat membantu Anda mengubah impian Anda untuk mengambil studi di luar negeri menjadi kenyataan, jadi lihatlah!

Last updated: 14/01/2021

Seven Smart Reasons to Study in the Czech Republic

With its wonderful castles and chateaus, charming historic cities and natural treasures, the Czech Republic is a must-visit place. You can come to this small country in the heart of Europe and enjoy it as a tourist, but it's even better to study here! The Czech Republic has become an increasingly popular student destination thanks to the high quality study programmes to choose from, in combination with affordable living costs and enjoyable student life, all in one safe place.

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Last updated: 23/12/2020

These Exams Could Help Make Your Study Abroad Dream a Reality

Scholars like to fret at the idea of studying abroad, but most of this fear comes from the unfamiliarity of the process. Would-be international students will ask questions like: Where do I start? Which exams should I take (if any)? Do I take the necessary assessments online or need to travel overseas? How much will it cost in admission and tuition fees? 

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Last updated: 14/12/2020

Best Decision of my Life: Pursuing my PhD at Manchester Met

Linguistics student Halima talks about why pursuing her PhD at Manchester Metropolitan University is the best decision of her life.

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Last updated: 23/03/2021

What Questions to ask Universities at a Virtual Fair

Looking forward to a virtual study abroad fair but unsure what questions to ask universities? We've got you covered! Read on for the most useful questions you can ask.

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Last updated: 23/03/2021

How to get the most out of the Global Study Abroad Fair

Here are our top 3 tips to help you get the most out of attending’s global study abroad fair and hopefully help you take a step closer to your study abroad dream!

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Last updated: 16/10/2020

Your Quick & Easy Guide to the SAT and ACT Exams for US Universities

Whether you are living in the United States or on the other side of the world, students who wish to attend a US college must take either the ACT or SAT exam. Your scores influence not just the admissions decision, but also your chances of earning merit-based scholarships.  Many colleges don’t give preference to one test over another, and students can choose to take both or just one.

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Last updated: 14/10/2020

How to Improve Your Chances of Being Awarded a Sport / Athletic Scholarship in the US

The US is home to the largest collection of scholastic athletic programs in the world. Find out how many athletic scholarships each division awards every year. Improve your chances of being awarded a full sport / athletic scholarship.

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Last updated: 11/09/2020

Why You Should Study Abroad at Community College

In the United States, more students attend community colleges than any other higher education form. Here are 4 reasons why more international students should be studying abroad at community college.

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Last updated: 18/01/2021

Blended Learning: A Potential Upside of Recent Educational Upheaval

The future of education seems murky at the moment. A global pandemic has necessitated online learning, leaving students like you wondering how to cope with this new normal. At the same time, by learning how to function online, you also have the opportunity to open your mind to the possibility of a new type of learning.

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Last updated: 13/04/2021

Download the Ultimate Study Abroad Checklist: Make Your Study Abroad Dream a Reality

No matter where you are on the path to studying abroad, this checklist can help you to decide where and what to study, and what to do when you first arrive - together with everything in between!

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Last updated: 20/07/2020

What Can I Do with a Computer Science Degree?

What can you do with a Computer Science degree? Vesa Merxha from University of the Potomac explores four popular job options for CompSci graduates to consider.

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Last updated: 25/06/2020

The Perks of Studying at a University of Applied Sciences in Austria

Undergraduate student, Hanna Bolbat, from Belarus talks about why studying at a university of applied sciences in Austria is a great choice!

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Last updated: 23/06/2020

Why I Chose to Study Engineering in Austria

Colombian master's student, Jenny Franco, gives us some insight into her experiences studying engineering in Austria at Carinthia University of Applied Sciences.

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Last updated: 09/06/2020

Four Tips for Getting a Part-Time Job While Studying Abroad

For those of you looking to work part-time while studying abroad, our student writer Suci wants to share the four tips that helped her land not one but two part-time jobs while studying her master’s degree.

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Last updated: 09/06/2020

How to Get into Medical School in Australia

Interested in a career in medicine? Elisa from GradReady talks about the things you need to consider when applying to study medicine in Australia.

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Last updated: 07/07/2020

What My Study Abroad Experience Has Taught Me

I’m Suci, an Indonesian student and I just finished my Master’s degree in Sweden. Moving from a country on the equator to one of the most northern countries on the globe, taught me lots of things but here are my top 5 things that I have learned from my experience.

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Last updated: 15/03/2021

Studying in Birmingham Changed My Life (and Here's How)

International student, Madalena, tells us how her time studying abroad in Birmingham changed her life and helped her gain the skills and confidence to land her first job.

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Last updated: 20/05/2020

10 Ways to Prep for Your English Proficiency Test Without Leaving the Sofa

Taking your English proficiency test in order to study abroad? Here are 10 easy ways to practice and prepare from the comfort of your own home.

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Last updated: 22/04/2020

Tips for Applying to the Swedish Institute Scholarship

Swedish Institute Scholarship recipient Suci Ariyanti shares her personal experience on applying for the scholarship and studying in Sweden!

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Last updated: 25/02/2021

Study in the UK, Get There With the TOEFL® Test

If your sights are set on the United Kingdom for your study abroad adventure, you’re not alone! The TOEFL® test is one of the most popular ways to prove your English proficiency and is widely accepted in the United Kingdom.

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